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My heart sure is full~

My head...fucking whacked!

8/7/06 10:16 pm - August 7th, 2006

So I'm 25 today.

7/27/06 01:33 am - Nice surprise

Pharrel is on Leno. He's pretty sexy.

7/24/06 10:35 pm - blarg

So I got rip roaring drunk on Friday...like puke in the bathroom at the brew/on the way home with 3 dudes I've never met drunk. Totally not cool. Dude beside me called me a crazy redhead. Umm. Has this guy ever been laid.???! I had the worse drunk walk in my life about half an hour from home, and was damn near set on laying in the huge mounds of heaping grass situated off of 68th Ave. I actually kinda wished I HAD slept there. Anyways. Oh yeah. That Nikki chick from the Much Music VJ search was at the Drum and Monkey pub; she looks exactly the same in person. Nothing exciting really.

Hung out with Miss Hayley all weekend...we haven't done so in about 2 or 3 months. It was good on Friday, so-so on Saturday. Her crowd isn't really my crowd. Her best friend's soon to be hus actually asked me if I took the poker pot from like new years. Then he actually started a wacked out speil about how he doesn't want a fat wife, and how he is the ideal boyfriend because a) he's completely monagomous, b) he's a hard worker and c) something about money. Is this dude for real? Whatevs.

I went out for Vietnamese with Paola on Thursday at Bangolac and had the spicy beef over Vermichelli noodles. It wasn't really spicy enough, and so I was a little over zealous with the hot sauce, but I ate the whole thing. I've had better Vietnamese, that's for sure.
We actually had a really great time. We are going to see a movie very shortly. I just got bit from a mosquito on my ass and my right ankle.
I'm not satisfied with my bio.
I am so excited to go up North near the end of August.
This just ins't enough right now.

Kat from Miami ink looks as though she's lost weight. Maybe it's the hair.

'I need laid'= best sentence pretty much ever. Seriously, what could top that?

7/13/06 12:51 pm

No hate, no lj drama. I've only removed some names.

Though I never really knew any of you, I wanted to at one point, even if those points were but mere moments in time. I wish you well. Love, health, and the attainment of your own senses of truth, whatever they may be.

Also, today marks the day I will not again check Alyssa's journals. We ended on good terms.


5/24/06 01:40 am - stars infinite


5/19/06 12:35 pm - Churches, etc.

I've been thinking about going to church on Sunday's, but I am not a member of any religion, nor do I practise anything specifically. I want to get a better feel for what is out there, and I've always found churches to be rather beautiful. I was wondering if anyone had any specifics on where I could go and/or what I might expect from it. I'm up for anything really, as I'm going for the experience, but I'm unsure if it is okay to simply show up at one by myself. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Also, can anyone tell me how to post an update in a community? I've never done so before, and I'd like to post this in calgarians.

Hope everyone is having a god day. Shit, it's really bitchin' out there!!?!

I screwed up big time in trying to edit this stuff! Thanks Xine and Christina for your comments. Xine, call me when you can, and we'll hook shit up!

5/11/06 08:53 am - " So don't you mind people grinning in your face...

your mother will talk about you, your sister and your brothers too. No matter how you try to live, they're gonna talk about you still. So don't you mind people grinning in your face..."

So I went out last week, and after a conversation I had with my mom about thong underwear, I bought her a few pairs with a lime green camisole. I guess she can't find the kind she likes, and she always likes mine, so I basically just shopped for myself and gave them to her. And she loves lime green, so I just added that top in there. I was going to wrap it up for her, as I even got a box from the store, and then I thought...nah, I'll just give it to her early. She liked it, and was a bit surprised. Exchanging gifts is not an absolute certainty within our family anymore, and it's okay. There is no negativity because of it, it's just how things are.

I've heard things recently that have made me extremely mad, and I've second guessed my decision to reply in a hastful manner. The fact is, this person brings out the worse in me, and I'm not that person anymore. I've grown a lot in the past couple of weeks, and I've been absolving myself of all of the petty, unimportant, usless crap that used to make me mad. On that same token, I'm also ridding myself of emotional vampires. Life is good right now...better than good really.

I hope to go up to Fort MacMurray when Wayne comes back from his trip to New Brunswick; hopefully the dude e-mails me or something. I've wanted to go up there for a super long time, and now would be as good a time as any.

I ran into Amy, a friend from way back when. There was a friend of mine from high school named Theresa who dated my brother in '99, and Amy was her best friend. It was great to see her, and we talked for a good hour or two before I had to leave. We will probably all go out for drinks one of these weekends. She's married, and I'm so happy for her. I seen her at the job fair at the Big 4 building last Thursday, as she works up in the poker room; her mom owns it, and she makes pretty good money managing it. I can't wait to see her again, and meet her husband Matt.

I'm off to get contribution slips from BMO for my RRSP deductions last year, and then hopefully up to the H&R block to adjust my last tax return.

Oh, and Kurt Cobain got 12 on Rolling Stone's list of guitar players, while Jack White got 17?! That is absolute hog wash. Don't get me wrong, I love Nirvana, but Kurt shouldn't even have gotten 17, let alone 12. Now I know why I don't read that magazine, if there was ever any doubt before.

5/3/06 01:16 pm - I'll be

I'll be there until the very end,
my love,
for you are my friend.

5/3/06 06:16 am - Quite a bit my people

Watching Live Under Blackpool Lights, and yes, I've cried a few times. I love this dvd with all my little puffed up heart. Truth Doesn't Make a Noise just came on. Here go the heart strings and the flow of waterworks.

Well, I MAJORLY missed the cut off date to shave my red/pink/blonde/purple locks for Cancer, and I've been contemplating my next move for the last week or so. Here the two options are. 1. Dave shaves it off now; I leave it for an entire year (not cutting/dyeing--will be bitch ass hard for me!) and then sign up at the appropriate time next year and shave it off again at the big event. 2. Leave it, do what I may, which at this point, has been the removal of all said colours into a natural shade of strawberry blonde. It looks real purdy. AcK@@!! I'll decide by the end of the week. I'm bummed, but hey, this stuff happens. At least my heart was in the right place.

Did my taxes yesterday. I am rough at getting this stuff done on time, but hey, whatevs. So, I got back 1000; not including my RRSP stuff--as I need to get slips or something from BMO, and (my tax lady) Jean said she can just do an adjustment when I get them. Also, apparently, I should have received my $400 reimbursement cheque, but it may have been sent to my old address by Chinook Mall. Nothing has been returned to the govie, including any and all gst cheques dating back to last summer, so I have to call the applicable #'s and get them to trace my moohlah broohah! Someone who is living at my old address may have taken and deposited my money. Well if that's the case--Hey jerkface! You are a Fuckin' fraudulent thief! You'll get yours. Thanks for nothin' brotha! ~Darbi

But yeah, I will get another one re-issued if that is the case, so it's all aces baby!

Also, I have upcoming concerts coming out of my asshole. System of A Down, Ministry, the Cult, Youth Brigade, and International Noise Conspiracy. Holy mother of Mary!!

AND! I'm gonna find some kick ass sneaks today. I was browsing the net last night, and I found 5 pairs of wicked rad shoes, and I shall try my best to find some in Calgary.

Job fair tomorrow---3000 jobs available.

Dear future employer,

Let's hook this shit up STAT!

Thanks man,

Darbi Rhian Maaswinkel.

Also, I have a weakness for boys with long hair. I just realized this last night. I'm in love with hippies and their minds. I really am.

And I'm in love with Jack White too. Like big time.

5/1/06 02:03 pm - (x3)

defy the girl everybody thinks they know
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