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school shiz/bypass if my nerdiness bores you

Working on a group project since roughly 1 p.m.

I'm still working on a portion of this, related to statistical information of the need/benefit community (Aboriginal women) as well as history related to the community/issue, and characteristics of the community/issue.

I sent the following email to Miss Hayley. Fuck, she cracks me the fuck up.

Hey Hayls,

I checked my email and Bushra e-mailed us the executive summary. I tweaked it quite a bit, basically just by elaborating on what she typed to better explain all of our ideas; (she said it was okay).

So, don't worry about that portion, I will bring 4 copies for us all tomorrow; however I have attached my edited copy so you and Bushra can see it. I'm meeting Melinda @ 11:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter...maybe mom will let me borrow the cell phone and you and I can talk a bit easier in the morning. I'll e-mail you if that happens before I leave the house tomorrow.

I talked w/ Melinda tonight; apparently we are all e-mailing you our personal reflections. I'm going to work on that right now, as well as question 3. I might be up for a few hours, but that is okay. I'm feelin like a fuckin narp.




For our Community Organizing Group Project, we decided to focus on homeless Aboriginal women. We chose this population not only because we think it is an issue which needs to be addressed, but also for the fact that Aboriginal culture and its norms, values, beliefs, and common practices are quite unknown in dominant Westernized Culture. We are hoping to create an innovative, proactive, and cooperative model when working with these women in Calgary. Hopefully, our project will help this population to gain a greater sense of community and connectedness. Our proposal to achieve this goal is by helping Aboriginal women gain independence and build or increase strengths related to their community, which involve both awareness and development of networking and the learning (or improvement) of life skills. This is shown as a cooperative model by the idea that we will provide the women with the necessary supplies and skills to make these crafts; we propose to help them learn to sell their creations in the market by facilitating their understanding around the importance of networking, which will then assist them in earning their incomes.
This not only targets the benefit community, (which is the homeless Aboriginal women themselves), it benefits the action community as well because it will learn about this diverse culture through directly working with these women, and also by learning about the uniqueness and history of the crafts being made.
The homeless Aboriginal population is very high in relation to its overall population in Calgary. Some programs have been a temporary solution to help with this issue. For example, shelters provide temporary accommodations. We hope to build their inner sense of self related to the preservation of their culture through recognizing and validating their tenacity and immense resilience, as well as assisting them in recognizing the strengths they already possess to sustain a cooperative model.
Reflecting on ethical issues, we will be aware of and strive not to impose our own beliefs and values on to the Aboriginal women; we recognize and appreciate their holistic viewpoints and will use that knowledge to help us to learn from them. We hope to gain further understanding of the perseverance of the culture throughout our research.
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I love school nerd stuff!
I read the whole thing.
awww, Tori you're too cute.