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2 of the many highlights:

Eric playing Peaches for me. Hearing AA XXX for the first time. Shit son, if I knew her, we'd be fucking best chick friends. I hope to download Eric's "Gym Son" folder for when I go back to Calgary. It looks, well, simply bitchin.' just like a hot sunny day.

Watching Silent Hill, falling asleep beside Wayne while covered up in blankets, waking up like 2 hours later to hear Eric say "This is the worst ROMCOM ever!!." (It's supposed to be a horror).

Holy shit I can't even describe about how I'm 7-10 hours from home, in a town of about 80 thou, sleeping with a boy without the doors locked, being up all night,talking, kissing, not sexing, watching intervention last night, (which was the fucking best episode ever), hearing Eric say "RELAPSE!" but not to that one, the way we were all engrossed in it, mine, Ash's and Eric's nap on their comphy bed, finally watching the jeff buckley live video with wayne, telling him everything, a thousand other things. I love everyone, and all of my real friends. This is the best vacation of my life.


"I like the innocent type..."
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