a suitable blur (darbirhian) wrote,
a suitable blur

Fort Mac (though it ain't spelt like that).

Heading to Fort Mac
though it ain't spelt like that
Calgary's drivin' me crazy
it was this place here
I lost my baby.
Bought a Cardi for the baby
Hope A&E like it (...maybe)
BBQ's til Sunrise
wish I had a man with whom to surprise
Did I tell ya I was buying BEEF?
Oh yeah, his name's Sean, not Steve.
And her name's Jenn...
is that with one or 2 n's?
I hope you know I've got love for you three
Whoops, there's 7 here,
and my heart's big & free
No sleep tonight
got some coffee in my belly
Now it's 2:30/3
And I leave 6:30 or 7,
with FFWD and Timmy's.
Got Corona's in my red plaid pack
Here's to hoping I don't end up looking like
a drunkin' frumpy sack
First time to see the Northern lights with Wayne
one night this week,
Bingo night with Eric's momma...sweet!
his new van has a cassette player
when I found out, I wanted to spaz out & freak
it's so old school,
and in case you didn't know,
to the D-Rock,
that means its fuckin' neat.
Keep it real, keep it sweet,
after all I ain't no bitchy dog in heat
Well sometimes I wish I was,
left the last situation just cause.
We're friend's still,
I like him quite alright
it just wasn't real for me,
wasn't right.
Anyways, back to the travel I planned
I'm at Eric's typing with only my left hand.
I hope there's no fighting, I hope there's no strife
Afterall, we're all safe, probably sick free
and each got our life
Let's party, let's have a ball
even if that means we just chill,
play Moose and then fall.
I got great love for you three
with a fourth who will one day greet me.
I might not want to leave here
I might not want to go
Sept 1, on the tale end
of two seasons before the snow.
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