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Yeah, ummm

totally not sleeping until some point on the bus.

I wrote a little rap about one hour ago. We are gonna put it into song; it's about the prospect of my first time in Fort Mac with a couple of my best friends, one's wife, and what we may do.
I just ate a grilled cheese with sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, ketchup and ceasar vinaigrette dressing. It was nothing if not delish!!! And oh boy was it ever. The trick is thick cheese and fresh bread every time. Oh yes.

Still haven't packed
But that'll take only a brief stint down to my room.
I have 78% of all of the clothes I own, clean, on the bed; another 10 percent in my wardrobe and 12 at Dad's. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that yesterday he and I went to the Waterhouse Grill; I had 4 ceasars, he had 4 beers, and then he walked me to the bus after slyly buying and presenting me with a blue dyed rose. We joked about how the last time I got a rose, it was from him too. I am hanging it to dry in the living area downstairs; I love how even the leaves are blue/green, and also how the rose has still retained some of it's original red and yet it all blends in together.

I got lost today trying to see my Oma; I'll call her tomorrow and visit her the day I get back. She sounded good on the phone earlier.

Stuff to do. I've started reading Steven King's The Stand.
Shit to do. I leave in 2 hours, and between 2-5 minutes.
Latz peeps.
Pics the next post you see.

Wonder how Tool was for Reis and Mel... I was on the train headed to pick up something as people were arriving and hanging out at Victoria Park station; and they were screaming a bit in anticipation. It brought a smile to my face...the kind that usually only children get from me...it disarmed me briefly.
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