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2 cds much needed

Just bought Pharrell's solo, In My Mind. It's golden.

Also, Finally bought the newest from The Fever, In the City of Sleep. These guys are my favourite new discovery musically.

With both discs, I got a poster for my wall. Pharrell looks smokin'

Tubby Dog last night allowed me to experience the greasiest and messiest dog I've ever tried, with deep fried yam slices. Interestingly enough, though the yams weren't overly sloppy, and it was actually hot dog stuff all over the place, I got a stain on my right knee because of this runny spicy chili sauce they served with them. I told Cxrhs that if I can't get it out with stain remover and a good wash then I'm writing yams in the centre of the orange circle with a black Sharpie marker. He made a good point about it not being the yams, but the sauce, and yet still...if not for the yummy yammers, I wouldn't be all up in this. That's why it won't just read yams, but YAMS!!!

Ate/drank half of a chocolate banana milkshake and I froze the rest. Well, this morning it was simply divine, almost like a malted milk. Delish!

I'm going to clean my room up, pack, and then head down to the Northwest to visit my Oma, who just got out of the hospital from surgery. She's a real tough lady.
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