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Well, I went shopping today. I idiotically called a hanger a ladder when speaking with a sales associate at Jacob. I blaimed it on the 3 coffees I had. Anyways, I picked up some cool stuff. Three tops, a fitted burgundy jacket, and a pair of brown sneakers with yellow detailing in a men's 39, along with cushy insoles and 30" laces. I really like them. I generally prefer male and unisex sneakers and shoes.

Mom recently borrowed this sonic thing called a PestChaser to ward off the field mice, since I am fucking terrified and she is pretty terrified. I'm not even kidding. Before we had these machines, we were still using the regular traps that hold chunks of cheese or peanut butter, which squish and then trap the mouse when it bites on the food. We decided that another option was needed, because without a man in the house any longer, we had an episode carting one out about 3 months ago. After we finished freaking out and screaming about the corpse in the trap, (which is just as terrifying somehow), we made a deal: one of us had to get the thing out from under her bed, the other had to bring it outside to the dog shit box. She even let me choose which one I wanted to do. I chose the latter, rationalizing that since she would skirt the thing out, I'd have a few seconds to look at it and calm myself down so I could carry it outside. Well, sorta look at it, since I put on polarized sunglasses before the whole ordeal. I suggested she use the pooper scooper, since grabing the trap was completely out of the question, with or without gloves, plastic bags, newspapers, or magazines. We tried all of the above. So she used the p.s. and got it out. I managed to clamp the very edge of the trap with the claw of the p.s. and looked down to see the mouse dangling belly up with its little feet and that ugly tale. Though they are small, they still weigh something, which probably felt heavier because I was spooked. I practically ran the thing outside. This took us about a half an hour and I'm not even joking. I know at least half of why I am so terrified. When we moved in here, the previous owners had an infestation, including tunnels in the laundry room insulation, and a dead nest behind the stove (which we also got rid of). And lastly, the little brownish black pellets that I can now distinguish even from tiny pieces of lint or fuzz. When I tell people of this phobia, they often say 'Why? They are so cute.' No they aren't. They are dirty, they shit everywhere, and they nest. They invade your home.

So late last week, Mom returned the first one to her friend and bought two of her own. We put one in the garage and one in the main living area. 2 nights ago, I was reading downstairs and what do I see skirting across the floor, against the wall and then behind the wall unit? Yes. Grey and small. I freaked, woke Mom up at 12:30 and we chatted for about two hours with tea. We talked about guys, relationship dynamics, house sounds, and mice.

I'm very open with my mom, and we have a good relationship which is getting better. Today when I came home she asked me why I don't ask her to come shopping with me, and I said that I would next time. I don't really shop with anyone, unless I am buying cd's or know exactly what I want. I don't like living by other people's schedules, or taking too long for them, or irritating them with or without them telling me. I like to just go at my own pace, ya know? Anyways, she said 'Don't worry hunny, we'll get more of those sonic things. I've gotta go to sleep because I have to be up in two hours.' It was a great ending to a suddenly bad night.

So now we have 5 of those PestChasers, and I haven't seen the little guy or any others.

"We should be pretty protected now. We've got one in every main room."

I got my loan app in today. A lot of details involving a very boring situation. I won't bother with it, please just wish me luck and prompt delivery.

I made the best toasted sandwich today with smoked gouda. I hadn't tried it before. Brochen and gouda is really good with servelat, and I haven't had that in a few years. Although I will soon.

Fort McMurray Friday morning. I'm going to buy a disposable camera or borrow a good one, and post a bunch of pictures in probably a month or so. Latz peeps.

p.s. Mr O...I was knocking on your front door shortly after 9 p.m. last night; I also left a message when I got into the building. We had phone/internet problems yesterday, which have hopefully been fixed now. I'm going to call you right now.

CXRHS, wanna go to Tubby Dog in the next 2 days?
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