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My heart sure is full~

My head...fucking whacked!

a suitable blur
7 August 1981
I wish to truly know another while living out of a purple suitcase, running around learning stuff, wired and loopy off of flavoured coffee and grape and coke slurpees.

I don't kill bugs, am fascinated by all, and scared by few.

Oh yeah, and I am the sandwich queen.

August 28th, 2006

i fell in love today...
'just come on there (sweet stuff)'
plunge in and we'll stay.

truth is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

"because i want to!", "time", "um...everything", a good sandwich, a great haircut, ahimsa, all cultures, andresimsorry, angels, august 25---september 1st 2006, beautiful quotes, being a better person, being goofy, being real, being true, breaking down walls, bridge to teribithia, buddhism, buffalo 66, bugs, buttons, cd cover art, children, christianity, cleanliness, coffee, communication breakdown, compassion, concert merch, concerts, confucianism, cracking up, dancing, dave, deftones, deftones october 3 2004, eric ash and baby, etc...!!!!, ethics, everlong, feeling sexy, feeling without compromise, festivals, figuring shit out, fiona apple, ghost, god, hair dye, hayden, heart, his eyes, his freckles, his laugh, his mind, holly mcnarland, hot bodies dressed naughty, in god we trust, indie jerks fuck off, intelligence without condecension, intervention august 27---2006, jack white, jeff buckley, juice, justice, karma, kissing only him, l7, languages, laravayus, latin, laughing wholeheartedly, led zeppelin, love, loving everyone, make-up, making love, making plans, manic depression, manic episodes, marriage, memories, merci pour le venin, mindfulness, misperceptions, moose, my bro reis, my chemical romance, my dad, my discman working forever, my favourite songs, my first fort, my future tattoos, my purple velvet purse, never telling lies, nine inch nails, owen, owen making us sandwiches, ozzy, paola, peaches (the lady), personal morals, pigs, purity, puting together an outfit, rad anything, reading, religious studies, roman catholicism, running the fuck off, satanism, school, secretary, seeing deftones with reis, silverchair, singing, sleep paralysis, slurpees, smoke-athon tom, social work, spazing out, stickers, stories, sunshine smiles, system of a down, talking, talking to god, team sleep, tenderness, th3whit3strip3s, the age 103, the colour purple, the connection we share, the dandy warhols, the number 4, the seven virtues, the whole wide world, thinking for myself, travel by transit, truth, unisex sneakers, vintage cardigans, wayne, ween, weezer, what is real, what you've taught me, wicked band names, wine, wine tasting, writing